Preparing for Greatness No Matter Your Circumstances

Have you ever seen a picture of a flower that had the audacity to bloom in between the cracks on a sidewalk? It was not supposed to do that.

Many flowers require a certain pot, paired with the right soil, adequate lighting, and an appropriate amount of water. But for whatever reason, that flower decided to bloom anyway.

We all have our personal vision of greatness. We have a sense of what we want our family, work, and leisure life to look like. What do we do while we wait? It seems easy enough to ruminate on how the conditions for success aren’t present:

1. You don’t have the background or money to do what it is you want to do.

2. You don’t have the right contacts.

3. People aren’t taking you seriously.

The list goes on and on…

And to those barriers, I submit to you a respectful- “so what?” Work on blooming exactly where you are right now. What does greatness mean to you? What does it look like? What do you want to see manifest in your life?

Start it. Do it. Even if it’s not on the scale that you envision. Start it. Do it. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Greatness takes work. The work that it takes to bloom in tough places is just the work that it takes to be great. Welcome your challenges for the training ground that it is!


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