Does Your Life Need a Hard Reset?

When I’m stuck with a computer problem, I’m the person that’s excited about doing a hard reset to resolve the problem. As soon as I start the process though, I get nervous. What didn’t I consider? What will I lose?

This is similar to doing a hard reset in life. We get nervous about pivoting in our lives and careers.

If I stop the direction that I’m going and do a hard reset, what will I lose? I have 20 years of experience leading manufacturing teams, but I really want to transition to commercial banking. If I change now, I will lose my tenure and start over in a place where I’m not known. I may lose out and leave behind all that I’ve learned and gained. Will you really?

You cannot lose experiences. It’s hard to unlearn knowledge. Your past is your past; it cannot be taken from you.

When you make a hard reset, you may go into your next phase without material trappings, status, and the same position, but you may have a secret weapon that you are bringing into the situation. You may be able to look at problems in your new industry or relationship with an unexpected perspective.

And, you will have to make sure that you don’t expect your new situation to feel and behave just like prior situations.

Don’t forget, you did get a hard reset. Don’t worry – I firmly believe that everything is everything and operates securely on the basic laws of the universe.

After you’ve done an evaluation of the pros and cons and made your decision to pivot, follow through!

Do we get a hard reset on this new year that we’re headed into? On brand new relationships and brand new roles? In my humble opinion, not really. We take ourselves everywhere we go. We cannot shake what we’ve learned. And we have to consider what habits and level of focus and diligence comes with us. Those are the things that sometimes need the reset.


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