Building Team Connections in 2022

It’s fair to think that work is work… because it is. But, I also think that work is about fellowship. I think that work is about relationships. And I think work can be fun.

Being connected as a team – human to human – makes work feel more fulfilling.

You would think that just putting people together in a meeting means they’ll automatically make the necessary connections. Well, not necessarily. Sometimes, the team will build productive connections to get the job done. Sometimes, they’ll form cliques and non-productive, distracting alliances.

As the project leader/manager, it benefits you to help your project team form healthy and productive connections. It’s important not only because it feels better, but because I am sure there’s a survey or statistic somewhere out there that proves teams that have positive connections perform better with better results.

Transparency & Intentionality

As a leader, how do you help foster positive team connections?

Intentionally – I like to include activities in the project kick-off and weekly meetings that help introduce the project team to each other as whole people. People relate to each other better when they know a little about each other’s background and interests.

You can accomplish this with icebreakers at the top of meetings. Fun competitions to jumpstart engagement and friendly banter. Team building activities paired with a meal can be just the right thing. The goal is to give the team an activity that is outside of the everyday work so that when they come back together, there are more coins in the “trust bank”.

Team Community Service Projects

I have had great experiences with team community service projects. Nothing like coming together to serve a greater cause and create a memorable experience.

It can feel counterproductive to take the team away from work to focus on something other than work. But trust me – the trust and camaraderie it builds will pay dividends in the long run.


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