Why Customers Crave Consistency

Everybody craves consistency. Sure, we like to be wowed and surprised periodically. But we don’t want to be underwhelmed. 

One of my favorite things to do as a lover of food is to try new restaurants. I have my own proprietary algorithm for determining where to dine based on reviews and the total number of reviews on Yelp.

There’s nothing more disappointing than a second or third visit that doesn’t line up with the first. Or learning that an offering that used to be available no longer is.

Customers can get disappointed by the slightest change in the offering. Why?
I think it’s because life is full of change that is outside of our control. When we find something that we like, we want it to be consistent. We want to trust it. It becomes one thing we can be certain of in a sea of uncertainty.

Sometimes our suppliers and vendors are trying to surprise us with something new – like new Coca-Cola, for example. They do research and believe that they can improve our experience. Maybe they can, but will the customer perceive it that way? 

Inconsistent experiences are frustrating. Think about having a masseuse who is great. The first time you visit them, the service lasts a full hour and they use scented candles. 

The second time, however, the service is only 50 minutes and they no longer use candles, but they play music. 

Then the third time comes around. The massage goes for an hour and ten minutes and this time there is music, no candles, and you are offered tea. You might enjoy the masseuse’s services, but the inconsistency of the experience could leave you feeling that the masseuse doesn’t have their act together.

Inconsistencies like this can make your customers feel confused and perceive you as unprofessional. Imagine if you always ordered the same drink from Starbucks, but each time it tasted a little different.

Be aware of your offering and your customers’ experience with it. You may want to experiment to improve your customer’s experience, but it’s always best to give your customers some sort of heads up. Customers love transparency; they love being kept in the loop.

Ask yourself: How will this adjustment change their experience? Do customers want it to change? Do I know what my customers like/expect? Be intentional and plan change.

When you are strategic in your efforts, you’ll find that the changes will feel more seamless and less jarring – for your customers and for you!


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