Try New Things. People Aren’t Sitting Around Thinking About You!

Just try it. No one is watching. No one is thinking about you. They are busy thinking about themselves; they’re thinking that you are watching them.  

You can either see this as encouraging or sad. Here is why I’m choosing encouragement:

Most of the things I delay on doing are because I wonder what it will look like to others. Or how others will judge me. Will I fumble? Will I stumble? Will I be an amazing success? Will I launch the course and no one will show up? Will there be a waiting list to hear me speak, or will it just be my parents and husband? I cannot predict the future, but I do know a little about human behavior.

Unless I’m starring on a reality show, there is not a dedicated audience looking at my every move.

When things do not go as I planned, I can stumble and collect myself and try again. For the most part, the audience that witnesses me being less than perfect will be busy licking the wounds of their own issues and figuring out how to bounce back from whatever is going on in their own lives.

They are not sitting around waiting for your every move.

I don’t dwell on this to think that people are self-centered. My point is that often we have crafted our own self-preservation narratives that are just excuses to keep us from being disappointed. Often these narratives are keeping us from starting down a path to success.

So, for those sitting in the back of the auditorium of which I am giving my imaginary speech:


…unless, of course, they have some very unhealthy tendencies. And truthfully, those people aren’t your people anyway.

Your people are somewhere working hard on themselves and hoping for the best for you. They support you when they can; they are not sitting around dwelling on you.

Allow that to give you freedom to try many things. Why not?


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