Lean for Project Managers

Lean for Project Managers

I have been learning and practicing Lean and Six Sigma for the past 18 years, and it’s been an awesome journey.

This journey has allowed me to learn and think about work and processes from a customer’s perspective.

I studied engineering as an undergrad and business as a graduate student. I share that to say that I enjoy understanding and knowing theory, but I like practical application and how things are in real life, too.

For the past 25 years, I have been working with projects that are at the intersection of technology and business. Several years into my project management journey, I learned that the hallmark of a good project is one that eventually comes to an end.

Focusing on Lean and working with projects for so many years has caused me to apply different tools from different methodologies for different types of situations. When it comes to project management, I want to make sure to do the following in the most effective manner:

  • Meet or exceed the customer’s expectations
  • Finish on time within budget
  • Bring the stakeholders along for the ride
  • Resolve any identified issues in a sustainable way

I like to refer to my approach as Lean for Project Managers. It involves me leveraging lean tools to effectively and efficiently complete projects.

The tools are simple and easy to understand. Give me one day (8 hours) and I can cover the basics. Give me 90 days, and I can help you apply what you’ve learned so that the toolset is yours for life.

The material is not magical, but it’s extremely practical. You can use it at home, at work, anywhere.

My favorite activity in all the world is to share what I’ve learned and how I use it to effectively lead projects.

I look forward to giving in-person and virtual courses to not only share the material, but also to connect with new people and hear about their path.

Pretty soon I will be releasing my course and approach via an online class. I’m so excited to share these principles via a new medium. I’m working hard to make sure that I’m still able to convey great examples, my passion for the topic, and connect in this new way effectively.

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