Do It… And No, It Won’t Be Perfect

The first time you do something, it won’t be perfect.

I remember the first time I had a sales call with a potential client. I got there early. I was dressed well. I was prepared – the best I could. But, I didn’t know what to expect. I remember wishing I could bring someone else along with me, but no one else worked in my newly minted company.

What to do next? Get out the car, that’s what. That was the next step.

And then the next step was to ride the elevator to the correct floor. I got to the floor, but then I realized I had the wrong office number. In fact, I was on the wrong floor entirely.

It took me a minute to realize that I could figure it out. No need to panic. I Googled the company name and address and realized that I must have written it down wrong. So, I got back on the elevator and went to the correct floor and door this time.

Okay, made it through that. Now for another big step: push the door open.

I got to the office, met the receptionist, and eventually sat across the desk from the potential client to figure out how my company could benefit their needs.

Breathe, Quan. The same rules apply in all situations: Listen. Share. Relate. How can I add value? How can I be of service? Listen. Be authentic. Share my thoughts on next steps.

I made it through my first sales call. Then, I went home and I wrote a proposal. First proposal: How should I price it? What approach should I recommend? How should I format it?

But guess what? I made it through!

In order to do something new, you have to do something new. What a concept! It’s likely that it won’t be comfortable, and there’s no way around the discomfort. It’s also likely that it won’t be smooth, and that’s to be expected. It’s your first time.

Hopefully, your second time is marginally better… but it may not be. But I guarantee that your second time won’t be better if you don’t get to the first time.

One of my mantras is: “We are not called to a life of comfort.” The first time we try something new might just be as uncoordinated as the first time we tried to walk. But, if we keep trying, we will get there eventually.

There’s got to be a first time in order for there to be a second and third time. One step at a time. We’ve got this.

I share real-world examples and thoughts like this regularly on my Instagram. My hope is that by sharing my past and what I’ve learned throughout my journey, I can help others feel confident in their own journey. Be sure to follow along here.


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