Defining Your Success Muscle

I am consistently on a journey to get in better shape physically. I didn’t participate in sports as a young person; athleticism does not come naturally to me. Until my early 20s, my main fitness goal was to have enough stamina to stay on the dance floor!

In the past 4 years, I’ve gotten more fit than I ever was when I was younger. I feel as though my mental and physical stamina have truly improved with intention, focus, and routine. And the truth is – these are the same ingredients for success in any space in your life. 

What’s your desire? Are you willing to put forth focused action to get stronger? Do you have routines in place? 

Your success muscle is your strength and focus to push through obstacles and challenges to accomplish your goals.

How do we define our muscles?

1. To get more muscle definition, resistance training is key.

This concept also applies to your success muscle. The more we learn to overcome obstacles, the stronger we get. You’ve got to understand that as obstacles come along, these are just opportunities to push forward and become even better. Times of struggle and uncertainty are times for growth and development.

2. What you eat and how you rest are important.

If you work with any good fitness trainer, they’re going to remind you about the importance of eating well and resting often. When defining your success muscle, getting stronger at delivering successes requires you to take in positive content and information. It requires you to keep your mind renewed. Rest and fueling your body with healthy foods are essential. Protect yourself from burnout by staying fresh and enjoying life.

3. It definitely takes our bodies time to change. 

When we are working to define muscles and change our physiques, we don’t see results overnight. Instead, it takes time and dedication to see real results. Be consistent and patient when defining your success muscle. Often the changes are subcutaneous and aren’t easily seen. I imagine that we get better and better over time as we work to define our success muscles as well. As we stay the course and keep training and working at being better at delivering successful results, we will improve.

Developing and growing your success muscle is a continuous journey. It’s a process that looks different for everyone; no two journeys are the same. Just like exercising – everyone’s body is different and will respond to workouts differently. Your path to delivering successful results and defining your success muscle will be uniquely yours – and honestly, that’s the beauty of it!


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