Bringing Fun Into the Workplace

Bringing Fun Into the Workplace

Lately, I’ve had way more work than I’ve had time. I’ve overbooked myself, but thankfully, it’s slowly getting better. This is sometimes a good problem to have… but I don’t want to repeat it.

As I extended the amount of time that I worked, I edged out my morning workouts for the first two months of this year. When I started back running in March, I sprained a muscle in my hip. #NoFun. The road to recovery has been longer than I thought it would be – I guess that’s how it is when you get a little older.

I haven’t sat down with a good book with free time in quite a while. Reading has been my favorite activity since I was a small child. I like reading almost anything. But lately, my reading has been reduced to social media posts, Business Insider snippets, and random Facebook articles about pop culture and unfortunate criminal events. Reading has always given me such joy and satisfied my general sense of curiosity.

I love what I do. I like to meet new people, resolve problems, and train people on new things. For the most part, my joy seeps into work conversations and assignments, and I work to make things fun for my associates and clients. But if I’m not having fun in my life outside of work, it’s a stretch to think that I’ll have any fun at work.

Honestly, if I were to enjoy my work life more than the parts of my life outside of work, I’d be really concerned.

This year particularly I’ve lost some of my spark and I’m reclaiming it. I’m going to bring more fun into my work life by importing it from the things I do outside of work.

I’m returning to my workout routine, where I work out 3 days a week outside of the home. I’m not back running yet, but that’s okay.

I’m writing this from the library – a place that I love to visit and discover new books and concepts. I just picked 3 random books and I think they’re all bangers!

Sometime this week I’m going to plan a beach vacation to a place that I’ve never been. Right now I’m thinking Greece or maybe Barbados (a tear just formed in my eye). When my schedule really clears up more, I’m thinking 3 months will be a good amount of time.

I’m going to register for piano lessons so that I can step up my elementary skills and eventually play a Kirk Franklin song.

When I have enough time to enjoy the things that I find fun, that fun will seep over into all the areas of my life: work, service, caring for others, etc.

When I’m out of balance, dedicating an inordinate amount of time to my business and work tasks, my smile dims a little. Things that I normally feel are fun puzzles to solve suddenly become irritating tasks.

To bring more fun into my work life, I have to make more space in my life. I suspect this might be the same for you. Here’s to making time for the things that you find fun, and allowing the fun to help fill your life with joy.

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